🏴‍☠️ PvP: Plunder Mode

Available in Phase 2 (one month after main launch)

Reward: Commodity Tokens

Plunder mode enables a player to plunder other players' resources. The player needs to assemble a fleet capable of fighting and input the coordinates of the player to plunder. Then the player can deploy his fleet to travel through space and attack the other player's base.

After successfully defeating the enemy's defending fleet and his planetary defense system, your fleet is ready to plunder. You can take whatever resources are left in your enemy's base given that the amount does not exceed the cargo capacity of your fleet.

Please note that you may only take resources from other players’ bases. After the player launches a transport mission to transport his resources to the center of the galaxy, you cannot take the resources being transported.

Follow the steps below to plunder resources:

  1. Assemble a fleet of ships with high damage output.

  2. Enter the destination coordinates for your fleet to attack.

  3. Deploy your fleet to travel to the destination.

  4. Once arrived, command your fleet to attack the enemy base.

  5. Upon victory, plunder resources and take them back to your base.

Please note that it could take hours to travel to the destination. You may spend LC to speed up the traveling time.

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