❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Light Year Game?

Light Year is an immersive virtual space-themed metaverse, powered by the latest blockchain technology, that allows players to stake & mine, take PvE quests, compete for in-game performance, and fight against other players for resources.

How decentralized is Light Year Game?

Light Year game is fully on-chain. Not only are the NFTs completely owned by players, but also all the in-game interactions and transactions are conducted on the blockchain. Initially, the dev team has the privilege to modify certain parameters. Once the governance is in place, it will be fully decentralized.

What blockchain does Light Year use?

Currently, Light Year is based on Binance Smart Chain. In the later stage, Light Year will be launched on other blockchains.

Where can I see the trailer or the demo of the game?

You can find the trailer here, but it is more of concept art. The real product in the initial stage will not have too many fancy graphics, but will focus on DeFi and Strategy. Hardcore GameFi or strategy game players will love this type of game. Once the first round of Beta testing begins, the game demo will be provided to the selected community members. If you are interested, please apply here.

Why is Light Year a real "GameFi" product but many other games are not?

The game logic is fully on-chain and purely implemented in Solidity. Currently, there are not many games of such kind in the market. Besides, we integrate the game heavily with DeFi. It connects and interacts with external DeFi protocols, such as PancakeSwap and Tranchess.

How shall I claim mined Commodity Tokens?

Every day, a percentage of the mined resources are claimable, free of charge, to be deposited into your crypto wallet. As to the remaining resources, you can deploy a cargo fleet to transport them from his base to the center of the Light Year galaxy where the resources will be deposited into the player’s wallet. See the page below for detailed information:

What is the main objective of Light Year?

You are the commander! Mine tokens, build new starships, summon heroes, manage your fleet, compete against other players, and earn more tokens and NFTs along the journey.

How shall I get started?

Light Year offers two basic play styles for two types of players:
  1. 1.
    DeFi farmers
  2. 2.
    P2E gamers
Please check out our "Get Started" page for a detailed explanation to get you started:

Which tokens are used in Light Year?

Light Coin (LC) and Commodity Tokens
  • LC is the governance and utility tokens
  • Commodity Tokens are the in-game resources, used for upgrading infrastructure, building starships, and deploying fleets. There are 4 tokens of Commodity Tokens:
    • IRON
    • GOLD
    • ENERGY
For a detailed explanation, check out the link below:

What are the usages of LC?

LC is the governance & utility token that can be obtained by swapping it from the marketplace (routed through Pancakeswap). LC will also be rewarded periodically to players at top of the leaderboard. Highly valuable, LC can also be used to summon heroes and to speed up in-game activities.

What are the usages of Commodity Tokens?

Commodity Tokens can be obtained by staking liquidity pairs (ex., Pancake LP). They can also be traded from the marketplace (routed through Pancakeswap). Players can use their mined Commodity Tokens to create starships and other in-game items and NFTs.

What are the usages of NFTs?

There are two types of NFTs in Light Year: Starships and Heroes. Starships and heroes are the basic units to assemble fleets which users can deploy to carry out different missions, explore the Light Year universe, and of course earn more resources and tokens along the way.

How can I get my NFTs?

  • Starships can be minted by Commodity Tokens.
  • Heroes can be minted by LC
There will be a Starter Package sale in the mid of December 2021, containing an assortment of Commodity Tokens, starships, and heroes. Stay tuned!!