🥈 Introducing the 2nd Game Product of Light Year

Dear Light Year Community!

We have important information for everyone.

As promised in the roadmap, we will make the 2nd game and add it to the Light Year product matrix by the end of the year.

The following is a little overview of our plan:

Inspired by STEPN and Pokemon Go, the product will be a move-to-earn web3 game application in mobile devices.

The idea is very simple that players can walk around to fight against fantasy creatures, and earn rewards of tokens or NFTs from the battles.

Most likely the app will be built on top of Solana and will take us approximately 4 months to finish. We don’t have a name for the new product yet, and we will later call for a name from the community.

Below are some mockups or screenshots of our work in progress.

Two new tokens will be issued, which correspond to GST and GMT of STEPN; for now, let’s call them $LST and $LMT.

The “GST corresponding token” $LST will be issued first and be generated from the new game, as soon as the IOS and Android apps are launched.

The distribution of the “GSM corresponding token” $LMT will however be delayed; and will be issued only if the app gains enough users (say 50,000), and gets some good deals from potential strategic partners.

Also, we haven’t decided how to link the $LMT tokens to $LC yet, but most likely, it will be a significant percentage of airdropping or token swapping.

Also, starting development of the new product doesn’t mean we will drop the current space strategy game product. We will continue to add more features and game modes to the existing game in April.

Please hold $LC, we will bring you more good news.

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