January 2022
Dear Light Year Community
We have passed the month of January, here is a recap of the event and some important news from Light year :
  1. 1.
    Launch STAKING $LC LIGHT YEAR link join http://lightyear.game/stakingโ€‹
  2. 4.
    Partnhersip with http://tofuNFT.comโ€‹
  3. 5.
    LC Listed on LBANK
  4. 6.
    Light Year X LBank $LC Trading Competition and Trading Lottery
  5. 7.
    LIGHTYEAR NFT MARKETPLACE LAUNCHED : https://lightyear.game/nft-marketโ€‹
  6. 8.
    partnership with nuls.io
  7. 9.
    Testnet Product Launch
  8. 10.
    partnered with @GreenLandChat
  9. 12.
    Distribution ** Rewards of the 1st Round Testnet Event **
Letโ€™s welcome February and let us develop Light Year becoming the best in the Gamefi Metaverse.
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