Hello Light Year Army 😍

We’re glad to announce that the LIGHT YEAR REFERRAL PROGRAM is live.

With this new program, users can earn additional income by referring new players to play the game.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Connect your BSC wallet

Noted : please set up your wallet to bsc network first (https://docs.lightyear.game/metamask-wallet-setup)

3. Generate your own referral link: https://app.lightyear.game/referral

4. After your referral link is successfully generated, invite your friends with the link to play the game.

When your friends earn commodity tokens (IRON, GOLD, SILICATE, ENERGY) from playing the game, you will earn a share of them. And you can see and claim your rewards from the dashboard.

Rules of the Referral Program :

  1. You will directly receive 7% of the exploration rewards of the person you invite.

  2. Moreover, if the person you invited shares the link and invites more people, you’ll also get another 2% rewards from their rewards.

Please, only follow the official groups of Light Year :

Website|Twitter |Global Group|Global Chanel|YouTube|Discord |Wiki

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