🦸‍♂️ Heroes 🦸

Heroes are the supporting units that enhance starships' performance.

Heroes are the supporting unit of the starships. Each hero can serve as the captain of one starship. And his/her own special ability and attributes can add additional values to the starship and thus increase the performance of the whole fleet when carrying out missions.

For example, an asteroid engineer can improve the mining performance of a miner ship. A legendary hero can boost up the mining speed quite exponentially.

Minting & Rarity

Heroes can be summoned by minting or be traded in the Marketplace. There are two modes to mint heroes: the basic mode and the advanced mode.

When minted, each hero will obtain his/her level of rarity: common, rare, super rare, and legendary. The higher the rarity level, the more attribute points the summoned hero will have.

For example, if you choose the basic mode and summon three heroes at a time, you will likely receive three common-grade heroes:

Heroes’ rarity levels and attributes are listed in the following table:

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