⛏️ Staking and Mining

DeFi farmers can stake crypto assets (liquidity pairs) and mine Commodity Tokens.

Staking and Mining

If one player wants to mine commodities by himself, he is supposed to stake some crypto assets into the staking pools. (Alternatively, players who are not interested in staking, can buy commodities from the market directly.)

Depending on the volatility and some other factors, Light Year's smart contracts assign one mutiplier to every staking pool. Players obtain "power" based on the pool's multipliers and their locked value in the pools.

Power = ValueOfPool_0 * MutiplierOfPool_0 +ValueOfPool_1 * MutiplierOfPool_1 + ... +ValueOfPool_N * MutiplierOfPool_N

A player's base's production rates of all commodities are proportional to the player's totally obtained power from staking, which displays in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Upgradeable Items

By consuming commodities, players are able to upgrade various items in their base. These upgradeable items are managed in 3 tabs: Production, Research, and Defense.

Certain items may enhance the production rate of certain commodities. For instance, a research item called "Nuclear Transmutation" may increase the production rate of GOLD by 10%.

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