๐Ÿ”ฅ Burn Commodities For LC

With daily burn pool, players can trade in extra Commodity Tokens to obtain LC.

Players can deposit Commodity Tokens to the daily burning pools. Every day, each Commodity Token burn pool will release a fixed number of LC to the players who have deposited the Commodity Token. The amount of Commodity Tokens each player receive will be proportionate to his share in the pool (i.e., on a pro-rata basis).

For instance, you just deposited 100 GOLD to the Gold burn pool, and 200 IRON to the Iron burn pool. By the end of the day, the Gold burn pool has received 100,000 GOLD and the Iron burn pool 400,000 IRON.

The Gold and Iron burn pool will each release 1000 LC daily to its depositors. You share 0.1% of the Gold burn pool and 0.05% of the Iron burn pool. You will then receive 1 and 0.5 LC from the Gold and Iron burn pool respectively.

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