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👨‍💻 Light Year Staking Programs

To cover the gap between DEX listing and product launch, and to give rewards to holders of the project, we will have a short staking program of 14 days.
From Dec 31, 1:00 PM UTC to Jan 13, 1:00 PM UTC, we will give away 200,000 LC and 370 NFTs (starter packages) to users who stake into the LC pool for 14 days.
The link of the staking program will be available at Light Year website ( by then (if we have no delay).
Rules for mining LC:
  • As soon as depositing into the pool, the fund will be locked for 14 days.
  • The LC rewards are only between Dec 31, 1:00 PM UTC and Jan 13, 1:00 PM UTC. Assuming a user joins on Jan 6, he will enjoy rewards for 7 days, but still his LCs will be locked until Jan 20.
  • The pool will generate 0.165343915 LC per seconds, shared among LCs currently in the pool.
  • 0.165343915 * 3600 * 24 * 14 = 200,000 LC is the total rewards.
Rules for mining NFT (worth $220):
  • The deadline for NFT as rewards is Jan 2, 1:00 PM UTC.
  • We will then rank all users by their staked amounts at the time.
  • Top 1 to 10 stakers, each will get 5 NFTs.
  • The 11th to the 50th stakers, each will get 3 NFTs.
  • The 51st to the 100th stakers, each will get 2 NFTs.
  • The 101st to the 200th stakers, each will get 1 NFT.
And we will upload the whitelist of the winners to the NFT smart contract, which will be provided on Jan 3, and users will be able to claim free NFTs by paying gas.
About Light Year
Light Year is a blockchain based space strategy game. Mining natural resources, crafting space ships, battling and trading with other players, joining alliances or nations, the game brings players the wildest experience of space exploration. Moreover, under the hood, it’s a play-to-earn DeFi farming protocol that maximizes users’ return from staking their crypto assets.
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