💎 Commodity Tokens and LC

Two types of tokens used in Light Year: Light Coin and 4 Commodity Tokens.

Commodity Tokens

In the Light Year universe, players need to collect 4 major commodities (BEP-20 tokens):
- IRON: Required when creating most of the starships.
- GOLD: Required when upgrading or creating certain types of starships.
- SILICATE: Required when upgrading base or technology.
- ENERGY: Consumed for fleets executing certain types of commands.
Players can obtain commodity tokens through staking and mining, space exploration, exploiting asteroids, or snatching from other players. In addition, they can also be obtained in the marketplace, being traded on PancakeSwap.

Light Coin

- Light Coin (LC) is the governance and utility token of the Light Year protocol.
Based on players‘ various rankings and achievements, we will gradually distribute 50% of the LC supply to players through smart contracts in a decentralized way. Additional details will be revealed in the future.
Currently, LC has the following usages:
  • Rewards to players.
  • Fees for speeding up the recovery of the damaged/injured units
  • Fees for summoning heroes.
  • Medium of exchange for NFTs.
  • Voting tickets once the decentralized governance is in place.