๐ŸŒŒ PvE: Space Exploration

Reward: Commodity Tokens + fragment of asteroid

To obtain resources, players can also conduct space exploration missions. Every day, player can deploy fleets to undertake the space exploration mission.

The mission involves your fleet fighting through 5 levels of opponents of varying difficulties. The first level is the easiest and the fifth level is the hardest. The harder the level comes with better rewards. Achieving victory at each level will reward you Commodity Tokens. Achieving victories at all levels will have a possibility of rewarding one piece of fragment of asteroid.

Fragment of Asteroid

Fragments of Asteroid is the rarest and the most valuable item drops of the space exploration mission. The possibility of obtaining the fragments is small, but the potential value is enormous.

The Fragments of Asteroid could be obtained after the player succeeds all five levels of the space exploration mission. After the completion of all five victories, one piece of the fragment will appear in the item list along with the resources obtained through all 5 victories.

The player needs to gather all 4 pieces of the fragments to complete one full asteroid. They will then be able to mine the asteroid of an enormous source of resources.

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