February 2022

Dear Light Year Community

We have passed the month of February, here is a recap of the event and some important news from Light year :

  1. Allowed users to redeem starter packs into heroes is opened, starships, and commody tokens : https://lightyear.game/nft-market

  2. Setup a simple exchange for users to trade commodity tokens with LC as the medium : https://app.lightyear.game/exchange

  3. Made statistics of the $LC Burning From The 2nd Round NFT Sale : https://medium.com/@lightyear-game/lc-burning-from-the-2nd-round-nft-sale-f25e30eede86

  4. DeFi Product Launched : https://app.lightyear.game/staking

  5. Light Year’s PvE Game Part is Live : https://app.lightyear.game/fleets

  6. Hold Light Year Game Review Article Writing Campaign.

Welcome March and let us develop Light Year becoming the best in the Gamefi Metaverse and Let’s continue our memorable journey and explore the whole world.

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