🛳️ Starships

Starships are the basic NFT units in the Light Year universe.

To carry out missions in the galaxy, you need to deploy a fleet that is composed of starships (up to 4 starships). Therefore, starships are the main components in Light Year.

Starships can be minted with resource tokens or be traded in the Marketplace.

Starships Types & Classes

Starships can be sorted into four main types: cruiser, battleship, cargo ship, and mining ship. Each ship carries unique functions and intended usage in the fleet. For example, the cargo ship tends to have a large capacity to transport resources; and the battleship excels in delivering damages to the enemy ships.

Each ship type has its own different classes. Each starship class comes with different building costs and focus of attributes, and is suitable for different strategic maneuvers. Therefore, do your research and make your strategic decisions wisely.

For example, the Cruiser type starships have multiple sub-categories, including light craft, heavy craft and cruiser.

Starships Creation & Quality Rating

Simply click the "Build" button, you can create your desired starships by providing the resource tokens required.

Please be noted that for the same class of starships, each created starship has a different quality rating ranging from 1% to 100%. The ship with a 100% quality rating tends to be the strongest, fastest, and best among its peers.

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