๐Ÿ”ฐ Get Started

This section will explain the basics and get you started to explore the Light Year universe.

Light Year offers various combinations of strategies and playstyles. After developing a deeper understanding of the game mechanisms, players are encouraged to formulate their own strategies to achieve different objectives. Depending on playstyle preferences, here are the two basic modes players can start with:

  • DeFi Farmer, or

  • P2E Gamer.

DeFi Farmer

By staking crypto assets (i.e., LP-Pancakeswap) in the staking pool, DeFi farmers can obtain mining power. After assigning mining power to each individual mining facility, DeFi farmers can mine each Commodity Token (i.e., Iron, Silicon, Gold, and Energy) with the mining speed according to the assigned mining power.

The staking pool has no mandatory lock-up period nor performance fee for withdrawing players' staked crypto assets. The staking pool is routed through Pancakeswap which guarantees its safety.

DeFi farmers may use Commodity Tokens in the following ways:

  • Spend Commodity Tokens to upgrade mining infrastructure to improve mining efficiencies.

  • Mint starships using Commodity Tokens to explore the Light Year universe

  • Obtain LC by depositing Commodity Tokens in the daily burn pool

  • Swap Commodity Tokens on the marketplace

P2E Gamer

Gamers may obtain Commodity Tokens and LC by swapping them in the marketplace. Tokens allow gamers to mint NFTs:

  • Use Commodity Tokens --> Mint Starships

  • Use LC --> Mint Heroes

To explore the Light Year universe, gamers need to assemble fleets to undertake missions. A fleet is composed of starships which determine the performance rating of the fleet. Within the fleet, Heroes can be assigned to starships to enhance the overall performance.

P2E gamers may deploy fleets to undertake the following tasks:

  • PvE: Explore outer space, fight through levels of enemies, and be rewarded with Commodity Tokens and rare drop-offs.

  • PvP: Deploy fleets to attack other players, and plunder their base for unclaimed Commodity Tokens

  • Instance Dungeon: Deploy fleets to attend weekly black hole adventures.

Fighting through space battles and obtaining more commodities, P2E gamers can mint more starships, further expand their fleets, and upgrade their starships.

Moreover, gamers can use LC to summon more powerful heroes which will increase their in-game performance. Simply deposit Commodity Tokens into the daily burn pool to receive LCs in return.

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